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Zerorez of Atlanta
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320 Lee Trail , Canton, GA, 30114
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Zerorez? is a Home Purification Company. Our patented cleaning technology is shared by no one else in the industry. The true benefit in using Zerorez? is our ability to clean and sanitize without the use of soaps or detergents. When using our system, there is no residue left behind on the carpet, so when we clean for you, your carpets will stay cleaner longer. Zerorez? has developed a patented, Hydrogen Rich Fluid that is derived from water. The process is so effective; tests have shown that carpets that we clean are actually cleaner than when they come from the manufacturer. Zerorez? is not just a carpet cleaning company. We also provide * Air Duct Cleaning * Upholstery Cleaning * Natural Stone Cleaning & Sealing * Tile & Grout Cleaning & Sealing * Lifetime Sealants for Counter tops * Area Rug Cleaning * Odor Elimination

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Anchorage, Maids
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