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QualiCare Commercial Cleaning & Maid Services
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Greg Nixon
Business Phone
Mt. Holly-Huntersville Rd. , Charlotte, NC, 28214
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Business Overview
QualiCare believes in building lasting bonds with a customer and meeting or exceeding their cleaning expectations each visit, unlike most companies that are somewhat good for a few visits before they start cutting corners and making excuse why this or that wasn’t cleaned. QualiCare was the first commercial cleaning company to offer maid service gift certificates online, and QualiCare was the first company to use the slogan “old fashion cleaning.” QualiCare was the first company to promote using a customized cleaning task schedule that a customer personally customizes to fit the cleaning needs of their home or office, and QualiCare was the first to offer seniors, handicapped, realtors, military families, and college students an ongoing 10% discount each time they use our service. So why are franchise maid services and janitorial companies now incorporating our ideas? At QualiCare we work harder to be the best by out cleaning the rest. QualiCare is a leader in the janitorial and maid service business that set trends for the entire industry to follow in one form or another, so when you choose QualiCare, you know that you have chosen the innovative originator that continues to be a successful customer oriented company, that reinvents itself to serve customers faster and more efficient than most franchises, that follow an outdated formula in serving the people. All cleaning companies are not created equal, while most are money motivated, QualiCare is service and people oriented, this is the reason that each customer creates a customized task schedule of work to be performed at their home or office facility, and the performed work is inspected by QualiCare’s General Manager, or an onsite supervisor for quality assured service that will meet or exceed a customers expectations of a clean and sanitary home or office facility. Take the QualiCare Commercial Cleaning Web Tour & Download Money Saving Coupons For Our Services at: http://freewebs.com/qualicare/ After taking the tour, please feel free to contact us regarding any kitchen appliance cleaning, holiday or birthday maid service gift certificates, commercial, industrial, or residential services that you may need now, or in the near future. Charlotte Office: (704) 625-2330 Raleigh/ Fayetteville Office: (910) 826-4745 Email: qualicarenow@aol.com Call in on any Monday to schedule one of the services we offer and get a $15.00 discount, or buy 2 maid service gift certificates for the holidays , for a friend, or family member’s birthday, and get the 2nd gift certificate for 25% less. You can download money saving maid service coupons on our website. QualiCare Specializes In: Commercial & residential cleaning, Grand Opening cleaning, move in and out cleaning, kitchen appliance cleaning, pre & post event cleaning, post construction cleaning, commercial & residential window cleaning, maid services, facility porters, commercial & residential pressure washing, vacant home & apartment cleaning, breezeway cleaning, tile floor and carpet cleaning, gutter cleaning, home & office interior decorating, real estate home staging, industrial cleaning, and home & office organizing.

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