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Certtified Mobile Tech
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Pedro Talavera
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786 344 9571
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13455 sw 282 st , Miami, FL, 33033
Mobile Phone
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Aventura, Coconut grove, Kendall, Doral, Pine crest, Coral gables, Homestead, Cutler ridge, we cover you. And all Broward cities. Certified Mobile Tech (CMT) has batteries for almost any vehicle on the road. 12 volts and more. If you need a battery for a car or truck you are in the right place. We will check the battery first, sometimes you may not need a battery. Just let us know what kind of car you drive and we will bring it, install it, clean the terminals, and test your charging system. And we dispose of the old battery too. We usually respond the same day. Remember, cheap and quality don’t go together. Batteries for cars, trucks, motorcycles, motor homes (RV’S), boats (any size), wheel chairs, golf karts and more. We carry the battery brain (pictured), the device to prevent your battery from discharging. Our batteries last longer, ask us why. Read below. After you buy a battery from us, you are covered with road assistance (one year, in Dade) or 10% discount if you need a tow truck. Also if you need more than one battery, you get a discount on the next batteries (Labor) you need. Get free wipers when you buy a battery from us (normally $30.00 to $40.00). We have Orbital (Yellow top), Odyssey (the military battery) etc. Remember our name: CMT. Place our phone # in your cell for your convenience We also serve Monroe County. “Use our services because of our quality, convenience etc, not because of how much we charge”. Please mention this ad when contacting us CMT only employs ASE certified techs. We also do general repairs, alternators, starters etc. I am the only one in Miami that gives you two year free replacement on car batteries (besides the regular 6 year prorated guarantee). I can do this because I have solar chargers specially designed to keep your battery charged even if you don’t use your car often. Solar chargers are the best invention for making batteries last up to 40% longer. Further more if you combine the solar charger with a battery saver you improve the battery life expectancy even more. Of course this is only for those that have the special need and really want the best for their cars. WE have a one hour emergency service available. Sometimes we can, sometimes we can’t… Contact Pedro at: (786) 344-9571 or (305) 248-1957. MVR#: 26109379 Insured and licensed. www.1mobilerepair.com. Log in for more information

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