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indoor aircare
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liraz hasson
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1 888 865 6544
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18375 ventura blvd #325 , tarzana, CA, 91356
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Indoor Air Care is a full service air duct cleaning company. Our Indoor Environment Specialists deal with everything from large commercial air ducts to residential air ducts. Indoor Air Care provides experienced and certified Environment Specialists that have been trained in the wide variety of services offered utilizing state of the art equipment and technologies. An optimally efficient newly cleaned system results in lowering monthly utility bills, provides clean air and a virtually dust free environment. More importantly, clean air ducts means clean air to breathe for your entire family, not to mention the positive impact upon your family's health. Indoor air pollution is the direct result of contaminated or dirty duct systems. Every time a heating and air conditioning system is turned on, airborne contaminants are drawn into the ducts and over a period of time these contaminants build up and create other issues such as mold, fungi, bacteria and other microbes. Particles drawn into the air ducts pass through fiberglass filters and infiltrate HVAC systems and lower the efficiency and performance of these systems. Poor maintenance schedules of these systems will result in higher repair costs. Our team of Indoor Environment Specialists provide the best air duct cleaning services according to the individual needs of each customer, whether that be sanitizing of the ducts, changing of filters or servicing of dryer vents. Our qualified staff provide free inspections of your entire system. Indoor Air Care's policy of Committment to Excellence is second to none in the entire industry. From Pre-Inspection to Completed Service Maintenance Indoor Air Care is there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Los Angeles, Advertising
Los Angeles, Advertising
California, Duct cleaning
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