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Company Name
Building Services Co.
Contact Name
Dag Nyanfore
Business Phone
202 247-0497
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1629 K Street, NW, Suite 300 , Washington, DC, 20006
Mobile Phone
202 247-0497
Business Overview
Building Services Co., (BSC) is a Washington, DC local business providing carpet, upholstery, and janitorial cleaning and 24/7 water damage restoration services. Founded in 1995, BSC provides quality services at reasonable rates. BSC's management believes in cleaning for "health and safety", not as a mere slogan, but as a core of the company's operational concept. Building Services considers every job it undertakes as an important assignment and produces a seperior work product. BSC's costumer category includes offices, banks, hotels, embassies schools, churches, and retail stores. Visit http://www.buildingservicesdc.net for further information and customer comments.

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Washington DC, Janitorial cleaning service
Washington DC, Carpet cleaning
Washington DC, Upholstery cleaning
Washington DC, Office cleaning
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