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Clean Sweep LLC
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Lorena Zermeno
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5838 N Dowling Rd. , Westland, MI, 48185
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Business Overview
Clean Sweep LLC is a small family run business that is owned and operated by the husband and wife team of Vini and Lorena Zermeno. Vini and Lorena have been cleaning homes and small businesses for over nine years to date and have numerous happy clients! They are true professionals that bring reliability, honesty, and a commitment to making your home or business physically shine from the inside out. Clean Sweep LLC aims to provide the highest standards of service. When you call Clean Sweep they are ready to answer the phone and listen to your needs. Clean Sweep has a system that is designed for efficiency and effectiveness, but they also add flexibility because your home or business is a reflection of you and it is unlike any other they clean. If you have a need for an affordable yet professional cleaning service look no further then Clean Sweep LLC! Warmest Regards, Vini and Lorena

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Detroit, Maids
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