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Servco Industries, Inc.
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Charles Cestaro
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1315 Blondell Avenue www.servcoind.com, Bronx, NY, 10461
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When tenants or employees of your building report to work each day, they want to find their facility clean with workspaces that are ready for an active day of business. Each morning when your business day ends, we are just beginning. Our job is to get it clean and keep it clean. We are Servco Industries, New York’s premier cleaning building maintenance firm. For forty years, Servco Industries has been doing just this, providing professional office cleaning, building maintenance, and housekeeping. It was not until the late eighties that the cleaning industry began to evolve. This became possible due to the utilization of automated equipment and team cleaning programs that streamlined labor thus creating tremendous efficiency for the end user. When production rates went up, simply put, cost came down. Advancements such as ride on scrubbers walk behind sweepers, restroom sanitation, self-contained cleaners, and propane buffers have changed this industry forever. The days of electric floor buffers have just about disappeared. In one hour, a single man can burnish over 10,000 sq. feet of tile. Two decades ago, that same area would have taken four men eight hours each. We are proud to say that our company has been the front-runner in discovering and implementing these services. It is part of our reputation for quality. It stems from our attention to detail. In fact, our onsite management is the heart of our system. Each cleaner is trained through utilization of video and DVD informational instruction programs. These instructional courses have allowed us to increase performance and productive standards. Our trained staff, backed by technological equipment advances, goes hand in hand with our highest priority, complete customer satisfaction. Over the past thirty years, we have serviced many prestigious organizations in the commercial sector. Some of those relationships have been New York Eye Surgery Center, K-Mart/Sears Holdings, Best Buy, Federal Realty Investment Trust, Chase/Morgan Stanley, Giorgio Armani, The Chetrit Group, Media Tech Associates, and FAO Schwarz. All of these companies, and many more have turned to our organization to deliver quality janitorial care, facility maintenance, and housekeeping services. It is how Servco Industries became a driving force in our industry. Our company policy is to provide our customers with an efficient cleaning service that is economically desirable. In fact, in many instances, we have saved our clients as much as 15% off their previous cleaning cost because we take a business management approach. Constant monitoring procedures are strictly followed. Our guarantee is simple, neat, courteous, dependable, on-time service that is backed by an office staff that is available to take care of your every need. A commercial cleaning expert will undertake a complete survey of your needs. Each work area, public area, and showroom will be carefully evaluated as to the degree of utilization and traffic patterns to determine which program will bring the best result. We will then formulate a plan of action to satisfy your requirements for cost-effective savings.

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