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Hood Systems Hood & Duct Cleaning
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Ken Klink
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411 Vista Park Drive , PITTSBURGH, PA, 15205
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Having your restaurant kitchen exhaust hood cleaned regularly is required by your insurance carrier and/or your local fire authority. Are you complaint? Are you safe? "Don't put your kitchen's safety on the back burner." Call Hood Systems. 724-843-5236 or visit us at www.hoodsystems.net

My Tips

Having your restaurant's entire kitchen exhaust system (not just the filters) thoroughly cleaned by a reputable kitchen exhaust cleaning contractor, is your best line of defense against having a grease fire destroy your business.
Is your kitchen exhaust hood cleaning company really cleaning the exhaust or just the hood? Cleaning what you can see and placing an inspection sticker on the hood does nothing to help reduce the risk of a fire occurring. A fire goes and starts where you can't see.
The cost of having your kitchen exhaust hood thoroughly and professionally cleaned is minimal when compared to the catastrophic loss that can occur with neglect.
Grease burns hot & fast. Dirty grease burns HOTTER & FASTER! Has your exhaust hood been cleaned recently? Was it cleaned effectively? Isn't it time? We take your kitchens safety seriously. Please do the same.
Having your restaurant's kitchen exhaust system cleaned by a qualified professional will help reduce the risk of a grease fire starting in your exhaust system.
Not all Hood & Duct Cleaning companies are the same. Some brag about fancy certifications, others tout years of service or competitive pricing. Hood Systems takes pictures. Of ALL their work. We show you what we do. Can you afford to have 'the other guy' clean your hood?

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Pittsburgh, Duct cleaning
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