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Amazon Cleaning
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5212 Laurel Bridge Dr. SE , Smyrna, GA, 30082
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We hire only the best. Every employee is hand-picked for their pet-friendly and child-friendly attitudes. We have the most rigorous training program for our maids in the industry. When you re looking for a maid service, check us out first. -The same crew cleans your home every time, which means we customize our maid service to your vision and expectations. -We pride ourselves on better quality, customized maid service than our competition. We are striving to be the best maid service in Atlanta! We aim to do this by providing the best service by the best maids, and then we ll constantly communicate with you, our customers, to ensure that you re not just happy with the way your house is cleaned by us, but that you re as pleased as punch!

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Georgia, Maids
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