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The Handyman Concierge
Contact Name
Christian Barrows
Business Phone
(781) 214-9342
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1624 Avalon Drive , Hull, MA, 02045
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Business Overview
The Handyman Concierge offers handyman services with "Skill, Courtesy, and Class." Especially catering to senior citizens and single moms. We do the smaller jobs that you need done and only take on what we can handle professionally. We specialize in 4 star service and attention to detail offering services such as general carpentry, general plumbing, general electric, general landscaping, carpet cleaning, house cleaning, office cleaning, PC cleaning, product assembly, window/bath caulking, basement clean-up, window washing, appliance cleaning, appliance hook-up, appliance repair, computer help, odd jobs, auto tune-up, general painting, errand runs, event research, custom woodcarving, wallpapering, tire check service, poop pick-up service, and senior check-up services. "We're on the Level."

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Boston, Window cleaning
Boston, Cleaning services
Boston, House cleaning
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